CumRocket One Pager

CumRocket One Pager

Dec 26, 2023

CumRocket launched in April 2021. During our first year we…

Whilst we saw initial success with the NFT marketplace, with 10,000 users (including 2,000 creators) ultimately it proved unsustainable as the bear market hit. After re-evaluating what the market truly wants and needs, we pivoted to building a creator subscription platform.

The need for human connection is ever-present.

Sites that fulfil this need (e.g. OnlyFans) have become immensely popular. However, there's a growing concern among fans that creators' accounts are being managed by agencies or even AI chatbots.

We can’t blame the creators - for the foundation of their marketplace has been built around a high volume, low cost strategy. Where many fans expect to be receiving the models limited attention in return for just a few bucks per month.

Obviously, this is unsustainable once you scale past a certain amount of subscribers and as a result, creators have to turn to agencies to help.

The reason why subscription sites are popular, even when you can find content for free anywhere on the internet, is because of connection.

Many fans get turned off if they suspect this connection to be disingenuous, resulting in them cancelling their subscription and no longer spending any money on that creator; for they feel ‘duped’. 

Authenticity is the absolute key to establishing deeper, longer relationships. The more a fan feels connected to a creator, and not just viewed as a “wallet”, the more they will be happy to spend on them.

Our goal is to provide fans with the most authentic experience possible.

From guaranteeing who you’re speaking to is really the creator, to being able to distinguish between private and mass messages, to encouraging content taken ‘in the moment’.

Centred around a higher cost, lower volume strategy, we believe that superfans will pay more for this truly authentic experience. At the same time, enrich the creators' experience by being able to filter out time wasters, improve the quality of fans that they interact with, increase their lifetime value, as well as retention rate.

Whilst payments are in fiat due to the ease of use, holding $CUMMIES provides benefits.

By holding $CUMMIES, fans can get up to 20% off each purchase on the platform, based on their holding amount. This is not limited to just subscriptions, but anytime money flows through the platform. This discount is deducted from the commission fee the platform takes, so the creators earnings are unaffected. We are always looking out for additional ways to add utility to the token.